Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is Every Day.

May 8, 2016 Tara Joy 0

Mother’s Day is a special day to remember how our mothers influenced us, and led us to be who we are today. Take some time today to share with your mothers in your life how they have changed you.

Make Moving Easy With A Toddler

May 7, 2015 Tara Joy 0

I know I have been a little quiet around here and on social media lately and its because we are moving and have entered¬†into moving mode. This is nothing new to us, just another adventure! This will be our 3rd family move in the last 3 years, so I am really starting to get the hang of it. This time though, I have a toddler walking and talking which makes it a whole new experience. This is what I do¬†to help everything so smoothly and I hope it’ll help you too! Step 1: Write out what things are being donated, [Continue Reading…]

How to Make Homemade Squeezable Fruit and Veggie Purees

April 2, 2015 Tara Joy 0

  Do your kids eat their veggies? Mine doesn’t! Oh goodness it has always been such a fight to even get it remotely close to his mouth to try it. I don’t know why he just won’t eat them, its probably the inner radar of kids that screams Healthy Alert! when a vegetable gets close. We have had to get creative and seek ways to sneak them into his food, but with only a limited range of food he liked I could only serve him spaghetti with veggie sauce so many times! We finally found the squeezable veggie and fruit [Continue Reading…]

Please, Watch What You Say…

January 7, 2015 Tara Joy 7

My son and I were in his room this past Saturday morning before breakfast. He was quietly playing with his cars as I rocked in his rocking chair reading a book. I had just placed a tea bag in my hot water to steep a few minutes earlier. I quietly got up and said to K, “I’ll be right back, I am going to go get my tea” and as I walked out of the room I heard a soft, “I’ll be here”. I turn to see my two year old with a big grin on his face. I then [Continue Reading…]

A Mickey Birthday!

October 22, 2014 Tara Joy 5

My little guy turned 2 a few weeks ago! Where did the time go! This year he was able to tell me what kind of party he wanted, and SURPRISE SURPRISE he wanted a Mickey Mouse Party!  Coming from the kid who has to watch Mickey at least twice a day, drink out of Mickey zippy cups and where a Mickey shirt almost everyday!  For ideas I went over to pinterest, like any good mama would haha. The Decorations!  Inspiration: Sweet Heart Party Shop My mother in law made the ears! Aren’t they awesome!?! Inspiration: WikiHow:How to Make Mickey Ears Inspiration: Froggy [Continue Reading…]

Chores Your Toddler Can Do!

October 8, 2014 Tara Joy 17

When I wash dishes, without fail my little guy comes and tries to push me away from the sink. Most of the time I just want to get the dishes done quickly, but when he started to push me away because he wants to play in the water I needed to rethink my strategy.  How do I still get the dishes done, but stop him from interrupting?  I tried moving him into a different room and distracting him with toys but he would still find his way back in between the sink and my legs, pushing at me to let [Continue Reading…]

Letting Go of Control Series: Parenting

September 15, 2014 Tara Joy 3

My baby is growing up so fast.  A week ago during lunch we gave him his first big boy cup of juice. I kneeled down next to him and placed his hands on either side of his Ducky cup. He lifted it up, I held my breath, and he took his first sip.  I pulled my hands away and he lifted the cup enough to drink every last drop of juice.  No problems. No spills. My boy had reached yet another milestone in 2 years of life.  Fast forward a week.  I was attempting to make my son a bottle [Continue Reading…]

To Moms Everywhere: You Are Enough (Moms’ Night Out Review & Pre-Sale Deal!)

August 29, 2014 Tara Joy 0

**This post may contain sponsor, affiliate, and/or referral links. I have been given the Moms’ Night Out  DVD free of charge in exchange for this review. However, the opinions in this post are my own. For more information please read my full disclosure statement here. ** When Moms’ Night Out was out in theaters this past May, I wanted nothing more than to go see it. It looked hilarious, and very in touch with everything that I am going through as a mom. And to be honest, I would have given anything for a chance to get out of the house [Continue Reading…]

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Why It Is Not My Job To Make My Son Happy

July 3, 2014 Tara Joy 1

God blessed me with the most precious gift almost 2 years ago. In doing so He gave Eric and I the sole responsibility in raising Kolton, and as a stay at home mom it is my job to care for him day in and day out. My job description is a lot of things, but making him happy is not apart of it.  It is my job, however, to feed him when he is hungry to help him grow. To teach him not to run in the street, climb on bookcases or stand on a kitchen chair in order to [Continue Reading…]