Secrets Are Satans’ Chains

Secrets tell us the lie that no one would understand. The lie that it is better, easier, or less embarrassing to hold it in then to come clean.

They convince us that the consequence of telling someone is too great, and worse than keeping it locked away inside. But I tell you that secrets are satans’ chains meant to enslave you and keep you from the one who can heal the brokenness inside.

“For nothing is hidden, except t one revealed;

nor has anything been secret, but that it would come to light.”
-Mark 4:22

When I was a little girl, I kept a dark secret hidden away because I was ashamed and blamed myself. I acted up, had behavioral issues that everyone automatically blamed on my parents divorce, and my fathers remarriage.

I never thought that it was my secret that was deteriorating who I was from the inside out. Therapists did nothing to help, I would talk for an hour straight and not feel any different.

Why was I like this, is something wrong with me? I always wondered.

After close to 14 years, at almost 23, I finally understood that what happened to me was not my fault but I still kept it to myself – better to keep it inside so that no one would judge me. It took me another 2 years before I built up the courage to tell someone and even then I doubted what good it would do.

Had I known its affect on me I would have told someone so much sooner. It was as if a giant boulder was lifted off my shoulders and I finally began to feel the beginning stages of healing. I felt FREE.

Thats when I knew I had been locked up in chains until that point. I had the emotional scars to prove it, but I was finally free. Like stepping into the warm sunshine after 18 years in a cold dark dungeon.

Jesus said, “the truth will set you free” (John 8:32) and that everything would come to light (Mark 4:22). Secrets are from the prince of darkness, but healing is from God.

There is nothing new God hasn’t seen or other people haven’t gone through. When our minds tell us that no one will understand or that God won’t forgive us, it is a lie to prevent us from seeking Gods healing power. Jesus wants us to be healed, but we must bring our secrets to light so we will be free from satan’s grasp.

Think about this, was there any instance in Jesus’ ministry that he forced someone to be healed? Or did all of the people that were healed show faith in Jesus by coming to him to be healed? There is no other way but to place the darkness into the light, by our faith.

God is still healing me from my past, but with a firm resolve to keep everything out in the open I know that satan no longer has the ability to guilt me into the darkness.

I am God’s child, a daughter of light and so are you! 


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