Skirts – Why I Wear Skirts Daily 2 Year Update!

Two years ago, I made the decision to wear skirts daily in response to my heart changing for God. I posted Why I Wear  Skirts Daily in effort to share with you where I was at in my journey.

Am I still wearing skirts daily? What have I learned in wearing them?

Two years ago we were living in the south east of the US. The temperatures made it fairly simple to wear dresses everyday, even in the winter. However, 8 months ago we moved to a place we’ve never been. This area has winds and temperatures we have never known. I quickly realized, having moved in winter, that wearing skirts at the knee would be impossible to be modest and warm in 25 mph winds.

I resorted to wearing jeans with thick leggings underneath, and long sweaters. Dresses still constitute majority of what I wear, but I have learned to take extra precautions like bike shorts underneath.
With summer in full swing now and doing things like biking, fishing, hiking, and camping – I have resorted to shorts with long inseams.

I don’t feel guilty because God gives us grace and freedom. In certain conditions, like extreme wind blowing skirts up, it is more modest to wear pants than dresses. However, I look forward to the day that we move to a warm place again, without as much wind so I may wear them daily again.

I have learned that modesty of the heart is more important than modesty of dress, because if you have a modest heart modest dress will follow. Modesty is much more than what you wear, it is a humble heart that God has given me. And a humble heart is what God seeks.


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