God Sees You Ministry.

One time, I was sitting in my local drug store’s parking lot, waiting for my husband to return, when a car pulls into the spot next to ours. I could see that the women in the passenger seat was visibly upset. My heart ached for her. I wanted to do something to let her know she wasn’t alone, but I was scared.

She was a complete stranger, she will think I am crazy I thought to myself, my husband will be back any minute, what would he say if he saw me talking to her? 

The next thought started to create an idea in me that I could not shake. Write down, God Sees You, on a piece of paper and give it to her. I wanted to but, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Then my husband returned and we left, leaving a God given opportunity along with it.

The weeks went by and I just couldn’t let go of the idea of letting people know that God Sees them in their time of need. That God uses his children, the christians of this world, to reach those who are hurting or in need whether some type of physical or financial need, or emotional need. We are the ones called to brings Gods love to this earth.

And instead of waiting around for someone else to do it, it is time for me and you to step up and do our part. Because each of us was created to do a specific job for a specific purpose.

This is why I am starting God Sees You Ministry. The people around us that we know and do not know, need to understand that they are not alone in this life. That God sees them and their struggles. God loves them so much, and they need to know that He sees and loves them right now, right where they are in life. God has no requirements for his love, he just loves us!

Step 1 in this ministry is to create small cards that can be handed out to anyone we may feel called to give them too.

They will look something like this:


Step 2 will be to get the support of my church.
Step 3 will be to begin fundraising for various needs of those around me.
Step 4 will be to bless those who God calls us to bless, however he calls us to bless them.

This is going to be a wonderful journey, and if you would like to join in with me please email me at tarajoy@faithineveryday.com!