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  • Tara Joy Larrick

5 Reasons You Should Read Books & A Deal You Don't Want to Miss!!

I love to read.

I remember when I was in the 5th grade I had a Locker Library in my locker, it had 5-6 of my favorite books and I told my friends that they could sign them out whenever they wanted. Haha I don't know think anyone took me up on my offer but, that is how much I love to read. Even now years later, I always have 1-3 books going at one point in time. Usually its a mix of Classic Novels, Christian Nonfiction being self help, marriage, parenting, Apologetics books and Christian Fiction. Sometimes I will throw in a sci-fi book for kicks. So for fun I thought I would give you my top 5 reasons why it is important to continue to read well into adulthood. 5 Reasons Why You Should Read Books **Deep Reading, Not Web Browsing. (It was hard to narrow it down to just 5 I have to say!) 1. Expands your vocabulary. In today's age of TTYL, IDK, LOL, other abbreviations and hashtags our vocabulary as a society seems to be limited. Whats the cure? Reading! You can't learn new words unless you read, and once you start reading you will actually expand your vocabulary which helps in any situation! 2. Reading regularly shows our kids that reading is important. It is so important to read to our kids daily, but what is just as important is reading in front of our kids. Often times our children want to mimic what we do and follow suit. I know with my son when I pick up my book K runs over and sits with a book as well. 3. Reading Is Fun! I don't know about you, but for me, I can get completely lost in a book. My minds imagination just goes crazy with ideas of what the characters look like, the setting and scenes. It really is a wonderful way for me to just shut the world out even for just a little while, and escape to a whole different world. This often leads me to question different things about history and authors that is fun to know. 4. Great way to wind down and relax before bed. Instead of falling asleep to the TV on which has been proven to actually confuse your brain into thinking you are up for the day- causing insomnia. Reading on the other hand has a calming effect on your brain helping you sleep better. 5. Prevents Alzheimer's and Dementia. Research from the National Academy of Sciences suggest that people who read regularly or play mentally challenging games are less likely to have these illnesses. It affects 4 million Americans, so read to decrease your chances!

Now that you know why you should read, the question is what should you read?? ***This Bundle Has Now Ended. Check back in 2015 to see the next Bundle! ***

Well I have the very thing to get you started!!

I am extremely exciting to share with this with you!

The Ultimate Christian Living Bundle is on sale from now, November 5th to only November 10th!

The one thing I LOVE about the Ultimate Bundles is that they include books that you actually want to read, and things that are truly beneficial for our lives.

Not familiar with The Ultimate Bundles? partner with best selling authors, leading experts and top business professionals to address the most common challenges faced by families and individuals today – all from a solid, Biblical foundation.

For the ridiculously low price of just $34.95 (for the PDF version) or $39.97 (for the eReader version), you can get access to a carefully curated collection of eBooks and eCourses with a total combined value of over $1,140 that addresses these issues with stunning clarity and practical application.

What Is Included?

It even has books AND the SINGING BIBLE! for Children included!

It also includes:

-14 Books on Business and Finance

-14 Christian Classic Books

- 9 Christian Living Books

- 4 Inspirational Novels

- 4 Books for Reaching The Lost (Which I cannot wait to dive into, as I explained in my Unequally Yoked Is A Blessing Post)

PLUS! There are bonus gifts as well!!

This bundle has something for everyone, which is why I love it so much! They got such a wide range of topics and authors that anyone who buys or receives it as a gift will be able to find something they like!

Plus with Christmas around the corner it makes for an amazing Christmas Gift!

Head on over and buy your bundle today because it is only available until the 10th!

Happy Reading!

photo credit: pamhule via photopin cc


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