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  • Tara Joy Larrick

FREE Esther Study Enrollment Opens Today!!

About a year ago I stumbled onto this website called Good Morning Girls, now Love God Greatly, an online free bible study for women that does various bible studies throughout the year!

I first started doing the Bible Studies by myself, then with groups and now I am happy to announce that this fall I will be a facilitator for the Love God Greatly Esther Study!

For the past two weeks God has been preparing the facilitators hearts to answer the call to lead and encourage the ladies completing this study. I could not be more excited to be able to be an encouragement, and safe space where my group can come for deeper study into the word of God.

You know whats even more exciting?? Enrollment starts today! So if you want to dive deeper into the Bible but don't have time for a traditional small group, I encourage you to head on over to Love God Greatly and enroll in this study!

All of the study materials are completely free, with blog posts and videos throughout the eight weeks used to encourage you and help you through the study.

The Good Morning Girls, now Love God Greatly, Studies have really challenged me to live out my relationship with Christ everyday. As well as strengthening my relationship and love for Jesus Christ, my savior.

Though I do not know my group members now, I have been praying for them and praying that God grants me the wisdom, and ability to create a safe and warm space for these women to encourage them in their walk with Christ. And that we will form some life long friendships, encouragement and prayer partners.

I hope that you will answer Gods call and explore Gods word with this Love God Greatly study!

And stay tuned because I will be writing on what I have taken away from the Esther study each Friday for the 8 week study!


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