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  • Tara Joy Larrick

French Friday: Pause!

Majority of you probably are unaware that I own a remote film editing business on top of blogging. It's what I went to school for and one of the things I love doing. Up until this point I have been able to balance pretty well. However, as things are becoming more busy something has to give. I am just one person and unfortunately as much as I would like to, I just can't do it all.

So for now, French Friday is going to be on pause until I can get a balanced routine of some kind. I will be continuing my French practice on my own however the extra post and video per week has become too much with everything else on my plate.

Also, I will be switching my posts to Tuesdays an Thursdays to make sure you don;t goo too long without getting a new post from me!

We are going to have some great reads coming in the next few months so make sure you subscribe so that you get them right into your emails!

Thank you all so much for your continuous support and readership - it really means SO much to me!

Talk to you Tuesday Friends!

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