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  • Tara Joy Larrick

How To Wear Skirts In Winter

I don't know about where you are but it has finally gotten cold here! No snow yet but definitely bitter cold winds.

As I wrote in my Why I Wear Skirts Daily, I have been trying my best to wear skirts/dresses exclusively and as winter has hit it makes it incredibly easy to get back into wearing pants if you don't have the proper things to stay warm!

I looked everywhere for tips on wearing skirts in winter and came up empty. So I made my own with some help of some friends from my modesty dress Facebook group.

Want to dress modestly in winter?? Heres how!

1. Layers. Layers Layers Layers! It you have long underwear or long sleeved undershirts, wear them! I always layer a tank under my long sleeved shirts which is layered under a warm cozy sweater majority of the time!

2. Leggings. Invest in some good quality warm leggings -- lined with wool are the warmest! Not the thin see through leggings or cotton ones that people wear as pants, but the warm to the touch and thick enough to keep your legs warm in a skirt. I have pairs in black, gray, blue, brown and tan but feel free to match them to your own wardrobe!

3. Boots. Get yourself some cute leather boots either ankle or knee high boots (which is the warmest) you'll look cute but also stay warm. I have a pair of knee high boots in brown and ankle high boots in black.

4. Leg Warmers, Boot Socks and Multiple Sock Layers . I normally wear 2 pairs of socks, one thin and the other thick and as tall as the boots. Also, leg warmers are key. I always tuck them in my boots then fold a little over the top of my boots to keep the heat in.

5. Long Skirts/Dresses. The longer your skirt or dress the warmer you will be because of the extra fabric. Try to avoid thin cotton fabric in the winter, the wind blows right through them.

6. Slips. If you are wearing thick stockings your tights WILL stick to your skirts and then it will be pointless in the sense of modesty! So Slips are so so so important in winter.

7. Hats, Gloves, Scarf, and A Good Coat. It may be common sense but if you keep your extremities covered you will be warm!

The thing I love about layering in winter is that you can "delayer" a but when you get inside. It may seem overwhelming when you just start out wearing skirts and winter comes along but if you get a few basic things you can look cute, modest and warm ALL Winter! :)


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