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  • Tara Joy Larrick

Let Go, Keep Calm And Let God Carry On: Letting Go of Control Series.

If you have known me the past 4 years, you would know that I have been dealing with a whirl wind of what seem like random, always sick, symptoms. I sat down to write this post with anxiety practically pounding out of my chest, which went on all day long, and wrote out a 3 1/2 page medical history spanning only the past four years.

In June of this year I got yet another sore throat. For over a year I have had them more often than not but this time was different. I started having trouble swallowing and a harder time breathing. At first I thought, oh I am just sick with a cold it will go away. But it hasn't gone away, it is September and I still have trouble swallowing, breathing and talking for long periods of time. I kept pushing it off saying, well I will get it checked at my annual doctors appointment mid-september because its probably nothing.

(Mainly because I didn't want to cost my family money on more than one doctors visit this year- that was my goal this year, not to go to the doctor. Silly huh?)

And it may be probably nothing. But yesterday I came across this blog post, The Silent Disease , a young woman who had thyroid cancer whose blood work showed everything as normal. She gave a few of her symptoms and I started to become concerned. So I did some more digging into thyroid problems, and cancer.

And the hypochondriac in me thought:

Holy Crap, It all makes sense now. Four years of agony, four years of medical tests and doctors not knowing whats wrong with me. This could be it.

ALL of my symptoms the past 4 years, and life really, match up perfectly with hyperthyroidism. Now, I am not a doctor but I did take it as more than a nudge to call my doctor.

This morning I will make that call. Schedule the appointment and take the necessary steps.

What's funny is I planned this Letting Go Series months ago, before even thinking about how it would translate in my life. I thought I would reach back in my life to a time when I had to "Let Go and Let God", and Friday morning I sat down to write this post and my mind went blank. Nothing. Nothing was significant enough for me to say, I let go then. But of course God has his plan already in motion and my blog post is a part of that. I now have something that I need to let go of control of: the fear, the worry, the pain, and the future of what may happen.

I believe wholeheartedly that everything will work out for God's glory. My life is a part of his plan, now thats humbling and exciting all at once.

Will you join me as we discuss letting go of control in our own every day lives over the next few Mondays?

Let's choose to Let Go, Keep Calm & Let God Carry On.

& Let Thy Will Be Done.


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