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  • Tara Joy Larrick

Luke 9:23 Part 1 - Deny Himself

I heard a morning show on the radio recently, they were discussing Luke 9:23's "Deny yourself daily" and how when you deny yourself, you open yourself up for God to come in and do his work in you and through you. This got me thinking, "When did I first deny myself which started my whole journey? When did I say yes, a true yes, to God for the first time?"

Though a few things may qualify, only one sticks out as the start of my journey with Christ. Two years ago this December, I was a newlywed with a brand new baby and I was about to graduate college with my degree in Film when I got the call I had been working toward my whole life. A well-known production company wanted me to come and be their Assistant Editor with a direct track to becoming an editor on popular shows. This was my dream job. I was so elated that of course I said YES!

Have you ever had a feeling after you agree to something that it may have been the wrong decision?

That was how I was feeling after I told them I would work for them full time. You see, in order to say yes I had to sacrifice not seeing my husband for a minimum of six months, since he was living in Texas with his job at the time. This also meant that he also didn't get to see his son grow, and neither would I really because I would be working and commuting for 12 hours per day.

The decision was there, take the dream job that I have wanted my entire life or deny my wants in order to give little one a childhood with both of his parents. With a heavy heart, a week before I was supposed to start work and a $200 daycare deposit paid, I decided to reciend my acceptance and move Little One and myself to Texas to be with my husband.

I denied myself what I thought I wanted for what God wanted, without even knowing it. As a result of that tough decision, God brought some wonderful people into my life which brought me back to him. He also gave me the ability to watch Little One grow, as well as being able to see the happiness that us being in Texas brought my husband. I would make the same decision again if given the chance.

Thats the funny thing about going with Gods plan, it always

leads to blessings.

Please join me next week when we continue our study of Luke 9:23 in Part 2 of this post, Taking Up Our Crosses Daily!

Is there a time when you denied yourself and it lead to Gods revealing himself to you?

Or are you struggling with a decision between what you want and Gods plan for you?

I encourage you to pray about it and take the time to really consider it. I would also like to pray about it with you, so leave me a comment below or email me at:

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