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  • Tara Joy Larrick

Mercy: The Strength of Forgiving

I have such a treat for you all today!

Neyssa from Rebuilding The Well is here today! We are doing a blog swap so I am posting on her blog and she is posting on mine!

After you read Neyssa's Mercy: The Strength of Forgiving, make sure you head over to Rebuilding The Well to read my blog post 5 Ways to Help Your Toddler Be Ok with Hearing The Word: No.

Remember the game called “Mercy”? I think it's safe to say we all can recall the pain of playing it. Ever noticed that the person with the most strength always won? Truth is that game is the perfect definition of what mercy is.

Mercy is being in a position where you can justifiably hurt someone, but instead you extend compassion and forgive that person.

Do you recall when mercy has been extended to you? Have you ever hurt someone and they still chose to forgive you; perhaps a brother or sister, or maybe even your spouse? What about your teenage years? I know we all have made plenty of unwise decisions where our parents could have easily punished us, but instead they showed us compassion.

Are you a merciful person? Or do you find yourself holding grudges?

You may say, “you have no idea what she did to me”. Perhaps, but I do know what the bible says.

“Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful.” Luke 6:36

Notice the first two words? Be ye. It's a command.

There's a reason God commands us to show mercy. God created us in his own image, and the reason for our existence is to bring him glory. What better way of displaying to us mercy than the gift of salvation?

God had the power to damn us all to hell- forever. But he chose to give us mercy, and another chance. I truly cannot give a better example of mercy than by pointing you to the cross. Jesus took on our pain and suffering, in order to give us a chance at redemption.

God knew that with showing mercy not everyone would change. When we show mercy to others, it's not with an expectation of their changing. It's not a form of manipulation. You can't forgive and five minutes later say “since I forgave you”. No, that's not true forgiveness.

Perhaps, if you're married your husband did something that hurt you to the bone. Maybe even adultery has occurred. For the sake of the kids you allowed him to stay in your house. But you haven't forgiven him. On the surface everything may look alright. But inside is a burning rage that only wants to get even. You may even go as far as making snide remarks, every chance you can, because you're right.

Mercy isn't about proving that you're right. Mercy is about proving that you're strong.

Forgiveness is not something that can be easily given, especially in times when you have the opportunity to expose that person. Let's be honest, revenge is bitter sweet.

Mercy comes from the heart.

Besides the burden associated with carrying the pain of hurt and betrayal, and the commandment from God to show mercy-there is another reason that should catch your eyes. Karma! You know, what goes around comes around?!

“Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.” Matthew 5:7

Not saying that's the ONLY reason to extend mercy. But know that the strong act of forgiveness will lend to being forgiven one day. We all make mistakes, we all have regrets. Look to Jesus, who is the perfect example of mercy. We fall short of his glory each day, but he is just in forgiving us. Be the stronger person and forgive those who have wronged you. I promise you will feel better, and one day- you will be shown mercy as well.

Neyssa is a wife and mother, spending her days as an imperfect homemaker for the glory of God. Neyssa is passionate about family and especially marriage. She is an optimist who always sees the cup half full. You can find her blogging at where she hopes to inspire other women. You connect with Neyssa on Facebook, or Pinterest

Thank you so much Neyssa for that wonderful reminder to extend mercy because God has extended

mercy to us!

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