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  • Tara Joy Larrick

Repurpose An Old Dress Into A New Skirt!

Do you have a dress that you never wear in your closet but hate to just throw it away??

I just hate to throw away good clothes, especially if the budgets tight and you can't go out and buy a new wardrobe.

I was cleaning out my closet of things that I hardly ever wear and I came across this Victoria Secret brown dress. I wore it ONCE, yep just once, for my college sororities recruitment and I thought it didn't fit me right so I never touched it again. I paid $20-$30 for a dress I would never wear? Thats where I had a problem throwing it away.

I needed a brown skirt, so I decided to make this dress into a skirt! And it only took me 1 1/2 hours! (most of which was seem ripping!)

You may think, that looks like a nice and functional dress, but unfortunately I thought it was ill fitted since I have a toddler and bending over/down is a constant thing for me. Plus I never wore it, so I knew I would get more use out of it as a knee length skirt.

It was such an easy and quick process that I highly encourage you to do this to a dress you don't wear!

I started by seam ripping the top off, it was a bra top so it had elastic. I wanted to make sure I didn't waste any fabric. (I was able to make a headband with the left over fabric) This took majority of the time because seam ripping is time consuming!

Then I cut the excess fabric so that it was one straight waistband.

Pinned the waistband in place and tried it on to make sure it fit correctly.

Sewed around the waistband twice so that it would hold. I personally don't like how uneven my sewing lines were so I will probably seam rip it and try again at another time. Luckily with my layers its not too noticeable.

After I hand sewed a embellishment button on for fun, but you can't see it when I wear long layers so I am going to see if its worth keeping on or not.

White tank: Faded Glory, Walmart

Striped Tank: Faded Glory, Walmart

Brown Skirt: Victoria Secret Dress Repurposed

Shoes: Thred Up

Necklace: Gift from Claires

I wore my hair down in this picture. However I made a headband with the excess fabric, and made an updo with it today.

Updo: Fishtail French Braid, loosened at the end and twisted into a bun. Pin in place.

Try it out and send me your Repurposed Dress Before and Afters! I'd love to see them!

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