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  • Tara Joy Larrick

The Current: Review and Giveaway!

**This post may contain sponsor, affiliate, and/or referral links. I have been given The Current DVD free of charge in exchange for this review. However, the opinions in this post are my own. For more information please read my full disclosure statement here. **

Have you ever had a down pour of suffering just come down on you at the same time in your life?

Just one thing after the other, that it just tears you down and makes you cry out,

"Why?! Why God?! Why is all of this happening to me? Why all at once?!"

Its the age old question of

Why does God let bad stuff happen to good people?

I don't know about you, but I remember exactly when my world seemed to be crashing down on top of me. It was the beginning of my senior year of high school, I had great friends, was in AP classes, worked at a local restaurant and was eager to graduate. Then the morning of November 15th, I get a call from my friend Stacey who lived in my old town in PA which I moved from a few years prior. I was in my room next to my dresser and remember clear as day when she told me that my best friend Charley had passed away. A car accident that killed both him and his girlfriend. I didn't believe her at first, I told myself this wasn't true. I had just talked to him not too long before.

I raced down the stairs and searched the internet frantically for stories, to see if it really was true. To my horror, it was. I lost myself that day. I didn't know which way was up, and the worst part was I was 4 hours away in a school where no one knew who Charley was. I was so alone.

Then 2 months later, I hear of another car accident which killed a former classmate and injured another. A few weeks after that we lost one of my teachers, I had known for 4 years, of cancer that he had been fighting since I stepped into his classroom as a freshmen. He joked that it was the best weight loss program. Then exactly 4 months after my best friend passed away, on February 14th, my manager at my work died in a car accident on his way home. I had joked and smiled with him just hours before he passed.

I fell deeper and deeper into a hole of darkness, and pushed God and everyone in my life out. I was utterly alone. I had no one who truly understood the pain that I was experiencing. My life that year was a blur, and all I could ask was Why?! And instead of going with the current, I fought God through it all.

"It's like the river. You can fight God by trying to go against the current, or you could relax and go with the flow. God will lead you to where you are supposed to be, if you let him. But first you have to let yourself go. God has a plan for you."

Jake, The Current

The Current, which received 5 Dove Stars and won the Peoples Choice Award at the Kingdomwood Christian Film Festival, is a film that follows Jake, a 13 year old boy, as he tries to over come and understand why so many unexpected events and sufferings are happening. Just as I did, he was asking Why God?! Why did all of this have to happen? And on the road to find the answer he and those around him discover something so very needed during those dark times: Hope.

The Current shines light on the hope we need to hold on to during these hard times, which comes from trusting God and his plan. Not only is this film heart wrenching but it is a lesson in life and suffering that people of all ages can relate to or learn from.

I do need to be honest here, the first 40 minutes the script dialogue is a bit poor and doesn't flow as well as it could have, but it got better and better as the movie went on. And by the end of the movie I was so deeply moved that I was crying.

It hit home for me since I went through something similar and I know it will hit home for you too because at some point in our lives we all ask the question: Why?! Why does God let all of this bad stuff happen?

The Current teaches us that instead of asking why, we should let go of control, trust God with his plan and have hope that things will work out for our good.

It will be 6 years this November since Charley passed away, and I have finally learned, after years of attempting to swim against the current, that I need to let go and trust Gods plan, because he is the only one who knows it.

"Where will the current lead you? God only knows."

The Current

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