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  • Tara Joy Larrick

The Keys to Contentment

As I have been realigning my priorities I had to take a look at what was taking up my time. Television and perusing the internet via Facebook, Twitter, and instagram topped the list of the most unproductive and time consuming activities for me. Not only that, when I am doing this activities I am bombarded by advertisements of the thing I MUST have to make me happy. Or I view photos of what others had and start to think to myself 'I wish I had that or if only I had that'. The increase of technology has brought an increase of voices telling me what I need and what will make me happy.

But in reality, it does quite the opposite.

I see those things and I start projecting my expectations on my family, spending money on things we don't really need, or thinking that our life would be better if only my hubby would bring home flowers or purchase the newest technology. After wasting time looking over hours of advertisements, essentially, I begin to develop "the grass is always greener" outlook. And that makes me more unhappy and ungrateful than content with my life as it is now.

After realizing this I decided to take a hard look at what in this life truely makes me really content with where my life is now. And I learned one valuable lesson:

If you aren't content with what you have in life now, you won't be content when you have more.

When we start believing that things or people should make us happy or content with our own lives, we come back unfulfilled. What makes you fulfilled is truly what only you can figure out. For me, I did a few things that have helped me become content where my life is right now and I hope that they can help you too!

Keys to Contentment

1. Turn off the TV and electronics (or limit your daily use to as minimal as possible)

2. Figure out what you like to do and do it weekly.

3. Start the things that you have wanted to accomplish but have been pushing off. You will have a lot more time on your hands once you limit your technology usage.

4. Go outside, take a walk, enjoy the fresh air without distractions. Seriously look up and around, take in the view!

5. Slow down and take time to enjoy the small moments with your family. We really don't always need to be multi-tasking.

6. Start reading REAL books again. Yep, I mean the hard copies that are much thicker than your kindle. The library is stocked full of them!

7. Find and maintain a healthy balance with everything that you do. Create a list of things you want to accomplish every week and find a happy medium for everything so you are not rushing to cram everything in. Its ok to have some down time! 8. Spend time in Gods word Daily. There is nothing like the peace of Gods promises!

For me turning off the electronics was a tough one, but once I limited myself to only 1-2 hours per day for TV and social media I started not to feel the need for it as much. I now have all of the time in the world to do the other things I want to add to my life since the TV/Internet was gone.

For instance I have now read 4 of the 6 Jane Austen novels, continued my french study with almost daily practice, finished multiple sewing projects, and started this blog. All because I decided to take control of my happiness, and stop allowing advertisements and social media to tell me what would make me happy.

Now I am able to sit, take a deep breath and smile as I realize that I am wholeheartedly content with my life.


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