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  • Tara Joy Larrick

Transformation Guest Post Series: Amanda from His Passion, Our Fashion

I hope you all enjoyed Krista's Transformation Post last Monday, if you didn't get a chance to read it, head over there now!

Now, I will introduce Amanda from His Passion Our Fashion. She became one of my very first blogger friends with some AMAZING modest clothes inspirations on her blog! We connected on our both exclusively wearing skirts, which is hard to find so you need as much support as you can get!

I have always been involved in religion, since the day I was born. I was raised in an Irish-Roman Catholic family and we went to church every Sunday; no ifs, ands, or buts. I went willingly every Sunday and sang along to the hymns, joined in with Sunday School and once again participated willingly. I was baptized, received communion and had my confirmation willingly as well. But throughout the entirety of my stay in the Catholic Church I never once felt close to God. I knew there was a God, I knew He existed and loved me but never did I once consider having a relationship with Him.

Was there a specific event/time that you made the decision to believe and really follow Christ?

Was your transformation sudden or gradual?

When we moved to Vermont, I started attending youth group at an evangelical church considering our catholic church didn't have one. It was then that I began to see God for who He really was: Abba, Father, Daddy. It was then that the quite gradual process of me coming to really develop a relationship with God began.

How did God change your heart? My change of heart took place in college. It had been years since I had decided that my relationship with God was real and growing but not much in my life had changed. I was in many unsatisfying relationships and felt quite lonely. I hadn't made many friends on campus and my go-to person, my sister, had gone off to basic training with the Army. I spent a lot more time alone in my room (I didn't have a roomate) and spent a lot more time in silence. It was in those moments that I felt the Lord reaching out to me, calling for His daughter to rely on Him and not on any ordinary person. It was in Him I found myself truly understanding His love and affection for me. It was in these times that I found more solace and less loneliness in these quiet times and how I reveled in my nature walks, appreciating everything my Lord had made for me. This change of heart not only brought me more affection towards God but made me realize just how beautiful, I myself was.

How did He change your mind?

As I said in my change of heart, the Lord brought me a beautiful and cleansing change of mind. I found myself looking in the mirror and thinking "Wow, I am beautiful!!" more and more. To this day, despite the fact that I get many negative comments about size and whatnot, I have no problem saying "Thank you for your opinion but I believe I am beautiful just the way I am." This was the first and most major change that the Lord made to my mind. I know it seems a bit shallow, but ladies, think about it. How many times a day do we look in the mirror and think "I wish I could change that" or "If I just had this (insert beauty product here) I could be much more beautiful"? A dozen and one right? That is why I believe that it was so important that the Lord changed my mind on my view of myself. It leaves me much more space to go on with my day without thinking, "How do I look?" or "Is there something wrong with me?" From there, the Lord helped me to appreciate each and everything around me, from beautiful flowers all the way up to the importance of having a servant's heart. (One of the most important qualities in my mind.) Since then, I have worked hard to grow in Him and ensure that I possess the important character qualities that glorify Him.

Did he change your body, the way your dress or give you a desire for fitness after you became a Christian?

I'll be honest, I have no desire for fitness. I am a sit-on-the-couch-and-eat-oreos-while-playing-wii type of girl. But when the Lord changed my heart and mind, He gave me a purpose to please Him in all aspects of my life; including in the way I dress. I chose to dress more modestly and begin wearing skirts. This transformation in me was the main reason I started my blog His Passion Our Fashion. I felt that the Lord wanted me to reach out to young women in this day and age and help them realize that keeping modest, and pure in the way you dress is so important to the Lord and is much more becoming. I believe with my wardrobe change came even more of a change of heart. Wearing skirts all the time made me feel closer to the Lord, knowing that that was how the Lord wants me to dress. Here's some before and after pictures :)

How are you living out everyday to glorify Him?

I hope I'm using everyday to glorify Him, but I never feel reassured that I am using that time wisely. I try hard to glorify Him by finding opportunities to serve others, memorize scripture and capture His beautiful handiwork (I enjoy nature photography.) Other than that, I just try to have a pure heart and mind and think of ways to live that would please Him.


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