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  • Tara Joy Larrick

What I Wore Wednesday: Chilly Summer Days!

Did you all get a week or two of just cool days this summer? A few weeks ago I was asking myself if this was truly summer or not because of how cold it got!

I was wearing a long sleeve shirt, a long skirt and I was still chilly!

It most definitely got me ready for fall. I love fall. The beautiful colors, the brisk breeze before it gets too cold, and the sunshine warming up my face without getting overheated. Oh and all of the pumpkin candles that come out! I did not stock up enough last year because by the time Christmas came around there were no pumpkin spice candles to be found! (I was truly disappointed!)

Fall is the perfect time of year.

When the cool front hit us this summer, I started thinking of Fall and all of the wonderful things I will get to wear!

Like this outfit!

Long Sleeve Shirt: Marshalls

Pink Undertank- Walmart

Skirt: Marshalls

I have so many great sweaters to wear, and new combinations to try out that this fall is going to be quite fun! Only a month or so and the weather will start to cool down! I cannot wait!

What about you?

Do you love fall? Whats your favorite thing to wear in the fall? Answer in the comment section below!


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