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  • Tara Joy Larrick

What I Wore Wednesday: Summer Outfits & CLEAN Review!

**This post may contain sponsor, affiliate, and/or referral links. I have been given the Healthy Home Company's Clean free of charge in exchange for this review. However, the opinions in this post are my own. For more information please read my full disclosure statement here. **

Yesterday was the first day of Fall! Can you believe it?

Is it just me or did this summer just fly by?

I guess thats the fun thing about having a toddler that always keeps you moving, the time just goes by far too quickly!

To close out summer, I thought I would share with you a few outfits that I wore.

I have seen a few blogs about woman, who wear skirts, that wear certain outfits to clean. I however, have a tendency to clean in whatever I am in for that day since I only clean one or two areas of my house at a time. So all of the outfits above I have cleaned in!

Is that strange? Do you change into more worn clothes to clean?

I bring this up because I have had the wonderful opportunity to try a new cleaning product that I have never heard before. And the best part about it? No chemicals! Thats right, it is an all natural cleaning product with no chemicals that could hurt my little guy!

It is so hard in todays age of processed food and chemically doused products, to know exactly what is in what we are using and what the effects of those are. When all we want to do is protect our family from exposure to anything that could hurt them, the very products we use to keep our house clean is in fact causing damage even while we can't see it.

But isn't chemicals all that is available for an affordable price?

Absolutely not! I introduce to you Healthy Home Company. Healthy Home Company is an All-Natural, Organic and Toxic Free company that provides safe alternatives to cleaning supplies, soaps, vitamins, toothpaste, skin care, make up and much more! And instead of driving all the way to the expensive organic mart miles away, all you have to do is order online and it arrives at your door!

I was able to try Clean the 10 in 1 Plus Multipurpose Cleaner made from Black Tea Leaf Extract, Coconut Oil Fatty Acids, Vegetable Glycerin, Natural Preservatives, Mild Cleansing Agent, Citric Acid, and Sunflower Seed Oil. With its fragrance made from natural fruit, plant and wood compounds!

But does it work as well as the brands I already use?

YES! And on things that you probably wouldn't use multipurpose cleaner for! Using the diluted form I was given I was able to clean my entire kitchen, scrub my windows (no streaks!), clean my bathrooms, mirrors, windows and clean my jewelry. I would never use windex or chemically based multipurpose cleaner for my jewelry!

You can also use it for dusting, furniture, pots, showers, stainless steel, and solid surfaces.

Are you sure its safe?

It is completely natural and organic. If you don't believe me, head on over to Mandi's blog post, I Swallowed My Cleaner, where she actually drank some of the product with no ill effect!

I absolutely loved Clean, it worked as well as the cleaners I normally use, but I felt so much better knowing that it is all natural and won't hurt my "hands everywhere" toddler. If you want to make the switch, as I have begun, to all natural organic products head on over to Montana Healthy Living where Mandi can get you started! Don't think you can afford it? Mandi offers free evaluations where she can show you how to live toxic free and on a budget!


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