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  • Tara Joy Larrick

What I Wore Wednesday: Valentine's Day

How was your Valentines Day?

Ours was very enjoyable! And my hubby was surprised by my gift, so yay for me not ruining the surprise by my blog post, Make The Perfect Valentine's Day Mugs! And he surprised me with such a sweet and meaningful card with chocolates :)

For Valentine's Day, I decided to wear one of my husbands favorite dresses on me, my new eShakti Shirt-Dress! Out of all of the eShakti dresses I got he said this one is his favorite, so I have definitely worn it the most.

I love how it fits SO well on me, thanks to the custom size feature! And it is a beautiful burgundy!

Since it is still cold, I paired it with tan leggings and my brown boots.

Our day was pretty low key, we went to brunch at our favorite local breakfast spot then went home to get ready for a friend's birthday party we were invited to at Chick Fil A.

K had an absolute BLAST playing in the play area with his little friends. His friend J was there so they sat next to each other to eat chicken and whap each other with their balloons. I was so surprised he wasn't scared of the giant cow that came out in a Princess dress and hat for the Birthday girl. He gave it TWO high fives!

Then after we went to buy Big Boy Underwear for his potty training! Yikes! He is growing up so fast!!

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