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  • Tara Joy Larrick

WIWW: New Long Denim Skirt! & Maranatha! Praise Series Gold Review!

**This post may contain sponsor, affiliate, and/or referral links. I have been given Maranatha! Praise Series Gold free of charge in exchange for this review. However, the opinions in this post are my own. For more information please read my full disclosure statement here. **

Normally What I Wore Wednesday is on the last Wednesday of each month but I pushed the November post back a week so that I could finish my very own long denim skirt!!

About 6 months ago I started following a blog called Fresh Modesty (not affiliated just a fan!) to get ideas on how to dress stylish yet modest. I saw a picture of Olivia in her Errand #17 skirt with a wide waistband and wanted to know where in the world I could buy one for myself!

Turns out she created the design herself and offered an Ebook to help anyone make it for themselves! I haven't been sewing very long (not confident in my skills yet) so when she announced that her new company Fresh Apparel would be launching with the Errand #17 Skirt I was ecstatic!

The only problem was that I am so tiny she wouldn't be making my size, so my mom bought me her How to Sew Denim Ebook so that we could tackle it together.

It took us 5 weeks and some hard work but it is finally finished! I love love love it!!!! It is just like wearing my favorite pair of jeans just in skirt form!

The hardest parts were the pockets and the waistband because the instructions weren't very clear but we figured it out!

I have already worn it multiple times and am sure that it will be a staple in my wardrobe this winter!!

One of my favorite things to do while sewing is to listen to music because it helps me stay joyful and focused throughout the sewing process. While making this skirt my mom and I played the Praise Series Gold 3 CD Set by Maranatha! Music to sing and sew to.

Maranatha! Music is a worship praise ministry that sings more traditional praise music with songs like:

One Thing Have I Desired,

I Love You Lord,

Psalm 5,

Open Our Eyes

and Father, I Adore You.

The singing is absolutely beautiful and reminds me of the church I grew up in where I would listen to my dad sing with the praise team singing these exact songs. Its funny, when I first listened to Maranatha! I could have sworn it was my parents church praise team. So very similar sounds!

Though I like that praise music I am more of an indie Christian music fan like MercyMe, and the Newsboys. This set of Maranatha! CDs were a little slow for my taste but still very moving to listen to.

My favorite CD in this set was the Praise Strings. I love instrumental music, it allows me to just feel the music and bring myself to sing the songs I know. And it makes for a calm and lovely background sound. The Maranatha! Praise Series Gold 3 CD Set was the perfect music for my mom and I to listen to as we sewed this nice denim skirt!!

Go and get your own copy of Maranatha! Praise Series Gold 3 CD Box Set Today!!


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