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  • Tara Joy Larrick

Women of Faith Blog Series: Real Women with Real Faith

It was my junior year of college and I was sitting in a worlds religions class, third row from the front.

I don't remember what the question was but it had something to do with Old Testament bible stories and Islam.

I was arrogant and claimed to be a Christian yet I knew nothing about the Bible, and I was ignorant because I knew nothing of what other faiths believed.

The girl who asked the question was a muslim and in my ignorance I looked straight at her and began to explain the stories of the old testament to her. I admit she rightfully put me in my place explaining that islam too believes in those stories.

After class she gently explained that Islam believes that Jesus is a prophet, but not God. She really just wanted the truth of her faith to be known, to fight the common misconceptions. Oh how I wish I would have asked more questions to understand what she believed but at the time I just wasn't interested.

How wrong I was!

How can we search for the truth and help others search for the truth if we know nothing about what others believe?

If we haven't actively sought the truth by studying the differing views, how can we come to our own conclusion!

It isn't enough to just have faith in what we were taught growing up, we must search for the truth ourselves because it is too important not to!

I have found a group of fellow bloggers of as many differing beliefs as I could get so that we can start wiping away the ignorance and start truly understanding what others believe.

Jewish, Mormon, Catholic, Messianic Judaism, and Agnostic believers will all share what they believe by answering questions that will provide a glimpse into their faith.

This is meant to be educational to expand your view of what others believe. I ask you to be respectful in any comments you leave and really start a conversation into exploring each of these faiths. Though you may not agree with their faith or beliefs, let's respect them by making this a safe place for them to share.

I am excited for this series and I look forward to learning more right along side of you. Come back next week when we get started with our Women of Faith series!

(If you want to contribute to the series, email me at taraatfaithinevery @ gmail . com )

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